Status of Legal Dispute between Domino's and Precision Tracking

We are Precision Tracking - a small Sydney-based technology company that builds custom GPS Tracking, Fleet Management and Internet of Things (IoT) products.

We are involved in a dispute with Domino's Pizza Enterprises over the rights to technology utilised in Domino's GPS Driver Tracker.

This dispute is now before the Federal Court of Australia. Documents were first filed on 8-4-2016. The case number is NSD516/2016.

These court proceedings are public. You can view publicly available documents including court orders and judgments here:

  • LATEST UPDATE: The Federal Court trial will resume on Monday 22nd October 2018.

    29-11-2018: The Federal Court trial commenced on Monday 27th November 2017. At the conclusion of the second day of the hearing on Tuesday 28th November, the litigation between Domino’s Pizza Enterprises and Precision Tracking was adjourned to a date in 2018 to be fixed.

    In brief, the case was started by Domino’s in April 2016 challenging the validity and Precision Tracking’s ownership of patents and alleging wrongful threats of patent infringement and misleading and deceptive conduct against Precision Tracking and its directors. Precision Tracking has defended the validity of its patents and countersued Domino’s and Navman Wireless for patent infringement, breach of confidential information and copyright infringement.

    The trial started in the Federal Court of Australia on Monday 27 November 2017 with Precision Tracking outlining in detail its allegations before trial judge Justice Alan Robertson.

    On the following day, Tuesday 28 November 2017, Domino’s applied and was permitted by the Court to amend its case to allege that information including about the performance benefits of the GPS Tracking System developed by Precision Tracking for Domino’s was confidential information owned by Domino’s and used wrongfully by Precision Tracking in discussions with customers and potential customers. These changes warranted postponing the full trial to 2018.

    Precision Tracking will continue its case and answer these new allegations. It will make good its allegations against Domino’s and Navman Wireless of patent infringement, breach of confidential information and copyright infringement in relation to Domino’s GPS Driver Tracker.

    Otherwise, it is business as usual for Precision Tracking. We continue to develop pioneering technology to solve our customers' business problems.

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